Katri — [ˈkætri], or just call them K — dapples in geekery, activism, and writing. They are predominantly an information hoarder, a translator, a coffee addict and childfree, but also a culinary genius, an experimental writer, a Cat Bed of Extraordinary Quality™ (no customer reviews available unless you’re a medium; possibly a small will do), a black-belt google-fu practitioner, an endless source of anecdotes, a prolific rambler, and a stationary one-person stand-up comedy tour.

K grew up in a small town where the woods, their brother’s Legos, and about four fifths of the local library’s children’s section were excellent fuel for imagination. They have an MA in English Philology from the University of Helsinki, and continue to haunt the university main library. In addition to English and their native Finnish, K is fluent in flailing and high-pitched noises.

K is also an unapologetic feminist. It does not mean that they are a man-hating, testicle-eating lesbian, although they like to shout, “I am become Harlot, Devourer of Stones,” at unsuspecting frat boys from time to time.