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Language Services

The services I offer include translating, proofreading, and editing texts in Finnish and English. I’m most familiar with texts that are academic in nature, including but not limited to the fields of linguistics, social psychology and feminist theory. My CV is available for viewing here.

Please request a quote for accurate pricing.


Finnish → English starting from 35 EUR / page (excl. VAT 24%)
English → Finnish starting from 30 EUR / page (excl. VAT 24%)

The total cost depends on several factors such as difficulty (general vs. academic), deadline (due tomorrow vs. due next week), terminology, any additional work (e.g. fixing the layout), and so on.

Prices are per translator’s page: 1 page = 1560 characters (with spaces). For texts that are shorter than one page, please request a quote and I’ll see what I can do.


30 EUR / hour (excl. VAT 24%)

The total cost depends on how much work the text requires, i.e. a relatively simple job of fixing typos and common errors will cost less than straightening out a text that is badly in need of some TLC.

Request a quote

When requesting a quote, please include

  • number of characters (with spaces) in text
  • source and target language
  • desired deadline
  • any CAT tools required

Additional useful information would be the intended purpose of the text (if for publication, where), whether localisation is wanted, are there any layout-specific requirements (e.g. a particular translated paragraph needs to be shorter than 140 words / 320 characters), and so on.




Katri — [ˈkætri], or just call her K — dapples in geekery, activism, and writing. She is predominantly an information hoarder, a translator, a coffee addict and childfree, but also a culinary genius, an experimental writer, a Cat Bed of Extraordinary Quality™ (no customer reviews available unless you’re a medium; possibly a small will do), a black-belt google-fu practitioner, an endless source of anecdotes, a prolific rambler, and a stationary one-woman stand-up comedy tour.

K grew up in a small town where the woods, her brother’s Legos, and about four fifths of the local library’s children’s section were excellent fuel for imagination. She graduated from the University of Helsinki with a Master’s in English Philology, and after taking a break realised she actually missed academia; not enough to go back full-time but enough to continue haunting the university library.

In addition to English and her native Finnish, K is fluent in flailing and high-pitched noises. She volunteered as a translator for the Organization for Transformative Works for a time and remains a passionate, enthusiastic fan to this day.

K is also an unapologetic feminist. It does not mean that she is a man-hating, testicle-eating lesbian, although she likes to shout, “I am become Harlot, Devourer of Stones,” at unsuspecting frat boys from time to time.