Red Seas Under Red Skies: Week 2

This post contains spoilers.

WELL. Can I just say, wow. Only about a hundred and fifty pages further and I’m completely confused about where this is going. Again.

Scott Lynch has this vexing habit of telling his readers 98% before the last chapter, then whacking them in the face with the last 2% and making them feel stupid because they should have known. The chairs. The sorry bandit. The sucking-up to Selendri. The rope climbing.

I feel like I should be able to see where this is going, and it frustrates me to no end that I don’t.1Might I remind you, this is my first time reading Red Seas Under Red Skies. After — and I’ll bet my copy of House of Leaves on this — the Grand Plot is revealed, I will facepalm so hard my palm is bruised for weeks.

So, yes, definitely one of those books where you have to sit on your hands so you won’t flip to the last page to see how it ends.

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