In English

“Language is a passion. Communication is another one. Telling stories? Now that’s the big one.”

Katri — [ˈkætri], or just call them K — is a budding professional translator, proof-reader, and all-around word wrangler. They are a native Finn, a near-fluent former anglophile (it’s a bad habit), shakily conversational in Swedish, and known to dapple in geekery, activism, and writing. If you are interested in their services as a word wrangler, you can request a quote here!

They’re predominantly an information hoarder, a translator, a coffee addict and childfree, but also an experimental writer, a Cat Bed of Extraordinary Quality™ (no customer reviews available unless you’re a medium; possibly a small will do), a black-belt google-fu practitioner, an endless source of anecdotes, a prolific rambler, and a stationary one-person stand-up comedy tour; one that performs seated, of course.

Katri has worked in translation from time to time, starting when they were an undergrad at the University of Helsinki. From 2014 till they got their MA degree in 2017, they also worked as a volunteer translator with the Organization for Transformative Works, a US-based non-profit that promotes fan culture globally. Katri has successfully completed translation projects of varying sizes since then.

Katri is also an unapologetic feminist. It does not mean that they’re a man-hating, testicle-eating lesbian, although they like to shout, “I am become Harlot, Devourer of Stones,” at unsuspecting frat boys from time to time.