When 30K Strangers On Goodreads Are, In Fact, Wrong

I’m a huge fan of Goodreads: it serves all my literary needs from keeping track (mostly) of what I own to finding titles for my to-read list. When it comes to books that I’m considering but nobody whose taste I trust has read yet, Goodreads has saved me from wasting hours of my life — which is why I want to talk about reading reviews.

As per usual, this post is the coalescent form of outrage and extreme bafflement caused by [insert whatever], mixed with personal experience.

A person in a book discussion I participate in mentioned that This One Book by Someone1I censored the title and the author because, let’s face it, I haven’t read the book myself. I feel that although the negative reviews are a fairly good indicator, there are enough conflicting ones that I do not feel comfortable passing judgment. is one of their favourite books. What caught my attention was that it used to be a free serial published online, so I naturally assumed it had started its life as fanfiction and decided to check it out on Goodreads to see what all the fuss was about.

Thank Someone that I did.

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Taskukirjasto, Ellibs ja OverDrive

Helmetillä oli vuosia sitten käytössä Androidillekin saatavilla oleva mobiilisovellus, jolla pystyi hakemaan, varaamaan ja uusimaan lainattavia teoksia. Se lopetettiin eikä uudesta sovelluksesta ainakaan vielä silloin ollut varmaa tietoa, mikä oli hyvin harmillista. Koska oma kirjaston suurkuluttajuuteni väheni muutenkin tämän jälkeen (kiitos syventävien opintojen), äkkäsin uuden sovelluksen olemassaolon vasta kaverini käytettyä sitä lainojensa uusimiseen Finnconin aikana.

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